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How to succeed during the holiday season as a service-based small business

Don’t lose your momentum through the holiday season! Here are 3 ways to succeed during the holiday season as a service-based small business.

While product sales surge for gifting, service-based businesses often experience a slow down in sales at the end of quarter 4.

Attention shifts to quick gifting options & delivery gifts. You CAN & should combat this. You’ve done an amazing job at keeping your business in the green, but if you’re not doing the below, you could be losing out on converting clients.

Your Service Is A Gift

1) It’s not too late to create a gift certificate & push out a gifting initiative for your services. Frame a marketing campaign around ‘Giving the gift of wellness’ for last-minute gifts! Market this on your social platforms, newsletters & website. Create a well-designed printable certificate or e-certificate for buyers to send/share with their loved ones!

Holiday Hello's

2) Don’t stop networking. It can be easy to succumb to this sleepy season, but don’t stray away from virtual networking mixers, join Facebook groups to market your services & keep up the social media outreach! Every person you connect with could be a potential client.

Low Hanging Fruit

3) Leverage your eNewsletter. Position your services as a holiday survival must & an end-of-the-year treat to yourself. Your eNewsletter is filled with what I call ‘low hanging fruit’. These email subscribers have already said ‘Yes!’ to you. Give them a discount or special offer if they commit to a service from the end of December.

If you need support executing any of the above client converting, end-of-the-year marketing initiatives, contact me to get started!
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