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Monday Motivation For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

The TRUTH? We’re not taught how to self-manage our time or tasks.

That’s where I come in. Planning your week does NOT have to be complicated.

If you struggle to stick to a set schedule (and why should you have to?) as a self-employed person, entrepreneur, or business owner, you may want to try scaling back your planning and keeping it simple. This strategy may work for you if you want to know how to improve time management.
For once, don’t think of your 5 steps ahead goals. Think SMALL and choose 3 of the following:

- 3 big to-dos. These are your non-negotiables and can be tackled early in the week to get them out of the way or staggered across multiple days for balance.

- 3 main task categories. For example: marketing, creative time, outreach, admin, etc. Make sure at least one is FUN.

- 3 new tasks to try. Get out of your comfort zone, keep yourself growing, learning new skills & committing to a business idea you’ve been sitting on.

- 3 wellness tasks you can rely on to motivate and energize you. These can be as small and quick or intensive and long as you need. Choose a variety so you’ll stick to it! Business motivation is fueled by finding your version of work/life balance
This time management strategy could be just what you're looking for, or it may not be a good fit, but it's a great place to start! Your day shouldn’t look the same as your favorite podcaster or business influencer. No one owns your life or schedule but YOU. Stop googling Monday motivation quotes for work week after week and find the motivation you're seeing within yourself!

Customized, strategic tasks and schedule action plans and small business planning are my thing. Let’s build the business you’re dreaming of hand in hand.


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