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Small Business Owners: Get Paid For Your Free Content

Let's set the scene: You're a small business owner trying to connect with your audience through education, quality content, and client converting information that makes an impact. You work so hard on each blog post, eNewsletter, video, or social media post. This work is attracting a wider audience, but you're ready to diversify your income and convert your growing audience to new or current offers.

We're often told to give away content for free and paying customers and clients will come to you, but how much is too much of a good thing?

It's important for business owners to know that they can get paid for their content! Maybe you're a service provider in the wellness, spirituality, or health industry- I'm talking to you intuitive healers, reiki practitioners, chiropractors, and more!

Or perhaps you have an online/physical shop selling candles, jewelry, body care, apparel, paper goods, and more.

Or maybe you're an influencer making travel, lifestyle, food, or other niche content for your growing Instagram, Youtube, or Tik Tok audience.

All of these roles and more can turn their free content into monetized opportunities with a little strategy (or maybe a fair bit!). This is where planning, hard work, and strategy can take your business to the next level. I'm here to support you through this transition to maximize your time and income!

Read on to uncover how YOU can turn your free content into income-generating projects.


This is for you if you identify as an industry leader in your field. Whether you have years of experience or you're a fast learner who can chat about your area of expertise for hours, this is a profitable route that can diversify your income and grow your audience. Become an industry educator or instruct consumers how to take your craft into their lives.


Lights, camera, action! If you like the limelight, get in front of a camera or microphone to share your knowledge, grow your audience and monetize through sponsorships, creator funds, and partnerships.


For those that have a lot to say and can summarize their concepts concisely, downloadable or print products are a great way to step into an instruction role and expand your reach by featuring your products on multiple platforms.


If you're a natural connector and you feed off the energy of gathering like-minded individuals, this may be a natural fit for you! Lead discussions, create exclusive content, and watch your community grow!


Taking your instructional skills up a notch with virtual events and in-person events. Facilitating workshops, seminars, and events gives you a spotlight to show off your industry experience while attracting a new audience and connecting with them at a deeper level.

These are all big leaps to take, but the effort will be worth your while! Which of these new paths resonate most with you?

I'm here for any questions and if you're ready to discuss how to make your big ideas come to life, let's get in touch! Follow me @blakefarissupport on Instagram for regular updates!
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