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Accountability & Strategy Support

Receive the support you deserve and the results you seek.

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Strategy Call

Quick Win Month

Quarter Success

Weekly or bi-weekly accountability & strategy call for action planning, problem solving & hands-on task completion.

Transform in a quarter through high-level strategy & action plans, customized accountability support,  problem solving guidance & monthly premium wellness perks.

Make your important months count with strategic action planning & accountability support for maximum success. 

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  • Work with you to uncover true goals and potential 

  • Look at your objectives from a birds-eye view & compile actionable steps to reach goals

  • Organize your thoughts, break down barriers & provide efficient breakthroughs

  • Track results & celebrate every win with you, however small!

You Will:

  • Achieve results & milestones

  • Increase revenue & client conversion

  • Procrastinate less & have fewer roadblocks

  • Have more clarity, focus & purpose

  • Achieve enhanced work-life balance

  • Feel less overwhelmed & realize your income, client, and business goals are a true possibility


Cass S. 
Self Growth Coach &
Spiritual Jeweler

We totally built a full-blown brand and the systems for my brand over a 2 month period. What was the source of my frustrations and previous failures had been wiped away and I felt Empowered. Blake has a way of seeing the magic in your business and in you. Her experience with various industries makes Blake the secret sauce to unlocking the highest potential of your business. Get Lit with Blake, you won't regret it. 

Chayne C.
Intuitive Healer

My overall experience with you was nothing short of magic. I am so thankful to now have some of your knowledge & insights to how my business can unfold. I really felt like a lost puppy before working with you and I now have some majorrrr clarity. I feel so eager and inspired AND I feel like my work is something I can indeed achieve.

Jennifer D.
Hair Stylist

I am so thankful for the work and wisdom Blake has shared with me. She is beyond helpful and makes things so easy to understand even for someone who is not technologically savvy like myself. Everything she has suggested if properly and consistently implemented will 100% benefit your business. Can’t thank her enough for all her help and guidance!

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